Ducky Street temporary tattoos - Skeletons


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Fun Ducky Street kids temporary tattoos that are non-toxic and skin safe. It's in the package 1 tattoo sheet (15×21 cm, A5). Tattoos are waterproof and stay on the skin 2-4 days. A cool gift idea or to cheer up your friend!

Usage: Carefully cut out the image you like, remove the protective film and place the image side on clean and dry skin. Dampen a cloth or damp sponge for about 30 seconds and carefully remove the paper. Et voilà – the awesome decoration is on your skin!

Removal: If you get tired of your tattoo or it loses its bright appearance, it is most convenient to remove it with oil (both baby and olive oil are suitable) - moisten a cotton pad in oil, keep it on the skin for a while, and the tattoo can be easily removed.

Recommended age: 3+

Dermatologically and CE tested


Ducky Street

Immerse yourself in the magical world of Ducky Street temporary tattoos! Here you can choose the ones you like.. 🌈 Non-toxic and skin-safe bright tattoos will delight you and your child for days and are great companions for everyday life as well as a successful part of children's birthdays. The tattoos are waterproof and stay on the skin for several days.

Ducky Street temporary tattoos - Skeletons

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